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5/24 - 5/27

Latitude 64 - Zero Gravity

A significant step towards inclusivity in the sport. Developed with young disc golfers and beginners in mind, these are the discs that fly! Full weight discs 170-180 grams are really not suited for beginners and younger disc golfers. But Zero Gravity discs, weighing a mere 120-130 grams thanks to their low-density plastic blend, offer several advantages:

• They require less power to achieve optimal flight.
• They have great glide capability.
• They even float in water.

The introduction of this innovative plastic blend is cause for celebration. While crafting discs tailored to professional athletes is commendable, it's equally important to cater to those just starting out. By offering discs that are easier to throw and enjoy, we aim to attract more people to this fantastic sport and ensure everyone has a blast playing it!

Distance Drivers

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Fairway Drivers

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Midrange Drivers

  • Latitude 64 Fuse - Zero Gravity

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Putt & Approach

  • Latitude 64 Pure - Zero Gravity

    3 / 3 / -1 / 1

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